An artist at work

Working with fellow creatives and artists on personal branding photography is one the most treasured aspects of my work. It’s a process that comes naturally to me, mostly because of how well I find that creatives work and communicate with me. If they’re in their own space, deeply engaged in their craft and can highlight what’s important to them, then it all comes together effortlessly. I only have to give them the smallest amount of direction, encouragement or styling of the background.

Female artist at work in beautiful leafy garden studio

This beautiful shoot was with LAURA MCKENDRY, a creative soul whose work is inspired by and thrives on nature, albeit within an urban setting. Her studio is nestled at bottom of her garden, with life all around her, is where she feels free to be herself and create intuitively. She leads awe-inspiring workshops at her studio as well as out and about in London, and at Central St Martins and she’s currently working on a personal project documenting women swimming at the ponds in Hampstead which I’m following with great interest.

Artist in studio with dog, plants and paintings

Female artist in studio laughing with black dog

You can read more about Laura on her website.

And if you’re an artist, creative or small artisan business owner, it would be my great pleasure to help you tell your story through beautiful, personal photos.

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