Norah’s Brownies – all dressed up for the party

When I first met Leah, the baker behind Norah’s Brownies I was immediately struck by her incredible energy, infectious laugh and effervescent enthusiasm for pretty much everything. Then I saw her brownies. Just the most beautiful, colourful little creations, and delicious too!  So, when she called me to photograph her at home. I jumped at the chance.


With a background in fashion, and a career in catering, Leah has thrown all her talents, plus her heart, soul and energy into her new venture – making Norah’s Brownies as delicious and as beautiful as possible. She’s the driving force behind the business, designing her own website and new packaging too. These luxury, gourmet brownies are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar. She was busy decorating a batch when I arrived one sunny afternoon in late August. The large open plan kitchen in her Hackney home  where she lives with husband Tommy, is a perfect space where she can work, bake and watch her two little girls playing in the garden.

We spent two hours in the kitchen and with no little ones around, Leah was able to dedicate her time to the task in hand – decorating. This is the way that I love to photograph creatives… in their natural environment, studio or kitchen, focused on their work. Her designs are not formal creations following a specific recipe, but invented and altered as she goes – making it all the more fascinating to watch her chatting away, picking flowers and experimenting with copious amounts of glitter. It was all a delight to photograph, and luckily Leah was happy to throw on a couple of different outfits. Here she wears t shirt by Milk Mutha and leather skirt from Martina Spetlova.

Below: white embroidered shirt by Dagda.



Style, attitude, fashion, beauty, colour. Norah’s Brownies have got it all. They’re swanning around at all the best parties, weddings and events, stealing the show with their beautiful toppings and what’s more, they’re irresistible. Delicious little creations that just happen to be good for you! Order a box and make someone’s day!

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