PLAYHOOD: where play, learning, working and community come together

Just picture it. A beautiful studio and garden for children to play in and outside to their hearts’ content, taught by a wonderful Montessori teacher. Just next door, but out of earshot, is an inspiring and stylish shared workspace for parents with all the best amenities. What’s more, families are welcomed in to the friendly atmosphere by the founders who are dedicated to creating a strong community, where parents and educators will learn from each other, in the heart of Crouch End. Sounds pretty perfect to me. 

Sadly mine are too grown up to sign up for Playhood Club, but if they weren’t, I would leap at the chance. It really is a unique space, and the innovative vision of Karen Partridge b is based on solid ground. She wants to create a venture within the family home that allows her child to grow up within a community of like-minded families, and she is passionate about the Montessori education being of the very highest standard. 

Karen’s previous work where she co-founded the skill sharing network Echo and led on community innovation at London Legacy Development Corporation sets her in good stead for making this venture within her own home a real success. Working alongside her is Laura, a Montessori teacher with seven years experience, whose warmth and enthusiasm are contagious.

Photographing a typical day in the nursery and workspace was a real treat – a glorious summer’s day where children were free to explore all the activities on offer. And as for the workspace – lovers of interiors will be begging for the chance to spend their working day in such a fantastic setting. Playhood are recruiting now, with just a few spaces available so if you’re interested, do take a look at the website, as the official opening is in April 2020.






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