“Playing out is good for everyone”

So say London Play, a charity who work to provide better play opportunities for children across London. They also help local residents organise play streets, where for a few hours, a road is closed to traffic, allowing children to play freely.

I’m very excited to be working with the charity to document the positive atmosphere of these play streets. I’ve visited a handful now and whilst they all share a similar joyful spirit, what I love is that each and every street, road, or cul-de-sac has its own unique character that is revealed in the way they ‘play out’ . It’s the individual personality of these mini communities that I hope to capture in these photographs. Whether it’s all about idly cycling up and down the street until your friends join you, creating chalk masterpieces on the pavements, playing skipping rope, or getting a group of adults to run an onion and spoon race, the fact is it’s all about coming together, letting children play freely with each other and getting to know your neighbours. It’s all good fun and a great way to while away an afternoon.

It’s not just about the children either; one of the biggests benefits is that adults in the road meet each other and come together. The simple truth is that more play streets will promote better relations with neighbours which will lead to stronger and safer communities for everyone.

If you’re interested in organising a play street in your road, it’s pretty straightforward, just visit: www.londonplay.org.uk

And if you’d like me to come and photograph your play street, please get in touch katrina@katrincampbell.co.uk

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