This was the year of grandparents for me.  Over the last twelve months, I received so many requests for extended family photo sessions, with the aim of putting together bespoke albums or large framed portraits of the whole clan as a gift for a grandparent celebrating a particular birthday. (I’ve since realised that there is a reason for this spike in birthdays, seeing as 70 years ago, the second world war had just ended so there was plenty of cause for celebration…)  It was really heartwarming to work on all these projects and certainly entertaining to be surrounded by hordes of (delightfully unruly) grandchildren, not to mention the dogs and horses!



A recent portrait shoot was also for a grandmother, but this time she was the focus. The shoot and prints were a birthday present from her daughter, who just happens to be a great friend from NCT days when she and I found ourselves thrown together in the same ante natal group, blissfully unaware of the great adventure that lay ahead. Eleven years later, we, and our children, the original “Charlie & Lola” are still friends, so it was a real treat to  photograph these friends again, and especially to capture the unique relationship between grandmother and granddaughter. It was a warm September evening, so we took a stroll around Forty Hall grounds ending up at the cafe, giving me plenty of opportunity to take perfectly relaxed, happy family photographs.




So if you can think of someone who would appreciate a photo shoot as a special gift, please do get in touch, as there are just a few available slots in the run up to Christmas.

In the meantime, enjoy the weekend!

Katrina xx

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