There is no such thing as the perfect time

People often tell me they’d really love to book a photography session but they’re just waiting for everything to be right.  They want a summer tan maybe, or for their child’s front teeth to come through, or they just want to lose a couple of pounds.  Whilst I completely understand that you want to feel your best, really there is no such thing as the perfect time.

Here is a great example.


Early one Sunday morning I arrived at the bandstand on Clapham Common to meet the effervescent and charming Vale family. Nicky had wanted to organise a session as soon as possible after the summer as Felix her middle son was due a spell in hospital. It was a warm, sunny morning and everyone was smiling, but Allegra, aged 6 was wearing a grey, woollen hat. A mini disaster was hidden underneath as she had decided to cut her own hair the evening before…. “Never mind,” smiled her Mum, “we’ve styled her outfit around this hat!”

I love this attitude. The family continued in much the same cheerful vein. The kids flew round the bandstand with the kite, played with the skipping rope, and blew bubbles. Bella, aged 10, climbed trees and cartwheeled off logs and they all fooled around delightfully, making my job as easy as could be. All I had to do was capture their exuberant nature and positive spirits. Even Felix who wasn’t overly keen on having his photograph taken, joined in, and it was really a privilege to capture him playing with his family.



And then, of course, when everyone had run around enough, it was back to their  house for a cup of tea, where I managed to sneak a couple of  photographs of them chilling out at home.



And then, of course, when everyone had run around enough, it was back to theirs for a cup of tea, where I managed to sneak a couple of photographs of them chilling out. Oh and what a lovely home they have. If I’d had more time I would have loved to have taken more, but as a children’s photographer you do need to recognise when they have had enough – and stop just before this point! Theirs is one of those beautiful family houses that is effortlessly stylish but not at all fussy, and this is all down to Nicky, a talented interior designer and owner of Les Sardines on the Queenstown Road. With her creativity and experience she helps transform people’s ideas for their own homes into reality.  Take a peek here

So, if you’ve been thinking about booking a portrait session, now is the perfect time. Why not buy yourself or someone else vouchers this Christmas?

With love and best wishes for Christmas.

Katrina xx

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