Catapults and conkers



Brandishing conkers, armed with catapults, they came, penny boards under their arms, showing off and ready to play. Ten boys and girls sporting cool clobber messed around in the late afternoon sun, until finally they ended up in a tug o’ war heap, and all trooped off home with goody bags under their arms. Unprompted, they even thanked us for a brilliant party!

Except it wasn’t a party but a photo shoot for Catapult Clothing, a fashion brand for kids dreamed up by Lettice and Fede, two friends with six boys between them. Their idea is simply to create stylish clothes for kids to have fun in – simple and original designs, limited editions, using words like awesome, chill and disco. Check out their colourful t shirts, bags and hats here:  Go on, the kids love them.



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