Love story at Trinity Buoy Wharf

Glamorous, colourful and so laid back. There aren’t many wedding parties where people dressed to impress are still queuing up to get into the venue late at night, in the hope of joining the action on the dance floor. I snuck out when the dancing was in full swing, and a lucky few squeezed in past me.

The party atmosphere was there from the start, as the bride and groom and their three children got ready together at the Hilton hotel  –  friends popping in and out, champagne glasses at the ready, children jumping on the bed in all their finery . I instantly knew it was going to be fun! The show, as they say, just rolled on from there, and from a photographer’s point of view there were countless moments to record, beautiful, moving and funny – the best man fumbling for the rings is always a good one!

For an October wedding in London, the sun shone exceptionally brightly, so much so that the bridesmaids were shielding their eyes during the ceremony, and people ducked into the shade to keep cool. The setting itself was a treat, Trinity Buoy Wharf is no ordinary wedding venue – an old chainstore on the dockside looking across to the O2 centre,  there were plenty of industrial features which made for great backdrops. The very large group shots were taken in front of brilliant blue shipping containers, and  Kristy & Matty chose the striking red metal for their more classic bride and groom photos. And finally, the slightly nerve wracking climb to the top of the lighthouse for a shot with a view. 

And thoughout the day, the beautiful bride managed to navigate the day with grace and poise, her littlest by her side for most of it too. Kristy, you looked truly stunning!

So, thank you to Kristy & Matty, your wedding certainly lived up to expectations!

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