Double the fun!

Twin babies lying on a soft carpet

It’s a cliché, but it’s true. These charming twins were constantly on the go on this photo shoot – which was a great pleasure for me as a photographer – just as one would doze off to nap, the other’s eyes would ping open, ready to be entertained! I’m sure the parents prefer it when they both sleep together, but for me it was a great opportunity to spend time capturing their different personalities. When it comes to photographing babies, an at home session is ideal; and my advice to parents is not to worry about everything being perfect – it will probably take longer than anticipated due to all  baby related interruptions, and you don’t have to create a show home backdrop – we can move any clutter as we move around the house to create the best backdrops!

Father and young baby son smiling at each other Baby being gently held by father Smiling mother and baby Mother and Father holding their twin babies as a family Smiling baby lying down baby baby giggling at his Dad Mother kissing her young baby sitting on a bed mother and baby sitting on a bed and smiling, blue velvet background young family, husband and wife with twin babies sitting on a bed at home Husband and wife smiling happily sitting on a bed with young twin babies family photoshoot mother and twins smiling mother and baby  mother and baby

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